Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 11:02 AM

I hired Tony and company to do a major re-landscaping job at our house in Carlin Bay. He came out, listened to my rather vague plan, made suggestions, and proposed ideas. My only requests were that it look natural and be no maintenance. Without further guidance, Tony and crew produced a "wow" look for my house. I could not be more pleased with the result; it is exactly what I wanted. The Cougar Gulch crew was polite, accommodating, and professional. After dealing with Cougar Gulch, I will never even consider using anyone else for my landscape/maintenance needs. They are simply the best.

Mary Kincaid

Sent: Saturday, March 19, 2011


Being disabled and newly single arriving in Coeur d' Alene was quite an adventure. Falling in love with a house but not considering the size of the lot might have been a real set back for me. Fortunately, a neighbor gave me your number. Your crew was so nice and helpful that first summer (it took them 2 days just to clear the back enough to get a mower in). Having been a rental prior to my purchasing, the yards were very scruffy and the worst looking on the block. Today, thanks to you, my yard is one of the best kept in the neighborhood.

As for your plowing service...where can I begin...I surely would have been housebound this winter if you had not kept the driveway clear for me! Your new rates seem very reasonable and I hope are enough since you surely should have raised them sooner.

Best regards,
Sharyn Flanagan

Sent: Sat, October 16, 2010
Subject: Letter of Recommendation - Testimonial-Example

To whom it may concern,

We owned a four acre parcel in Coeur d’ Alene with one of the prettiest old growth tree settings in Kootenai County. When we decided to build our new home on the parcel we interviewed numerous landscape architects and contractors. During our research of professional backgrounds and references one company / name received the highest praise, repeatedly; Tony Smith at Cougar Gulch Lawn Care & Landscaping.

Tony listened to our desire to preserve as many trees as possible and to maintain the forest setting and he designed a creative plan that exceeded our best expectations. So we gave Tony the commission.

Tony brought in 80+ tons of granite boulders and created multiple terraced lawn/landscaped areas, starting from our driveway entrance down a slight grade to the home site four hundred feet away, installed a ten zone irrigation & sprinkler system, stone sidewalks, curbs, ornamental plantings and about an acre of lawn sod on properly prepared topsoil. Also, the site has a well graded and rolled-in road base driveway, large parking & turnaround areas and also a large level RV & boat parking area. And Tony performed lawn maintenance thereafter. Tony and his employees arrived on site on time, all were properly dressed, polite, and all their equipment was clean and well maintained.

In my line of work I‘ve hired and supervised hundreds of contractors in all 50 States and without reservation I can give Tony my highest recommendation.

Should you have questions please feel free to contact me through Tony Smith.

Dan Paschall

As featured in the CDA Press:

VETERAN: Thanks arrives just in time
Posted: Thursday, Jun 11, 2009 - 11:36:30 pm PDT

"Because I am a disabled vet and cannot do the things I used to be able to do (getting old) my spouse and I decided that we would hire out my lawn mowing this year. We contacted Cougar Gulch Lawn Care and that afternoon Tony came by. I showed him what I wanted done. I had just cut it and he asked why. I explained my veteran's disability and the fact that it was too hard on me anymore.
Tony talked to me a bit and we made the deal.

On Tuesday morning I heard someone outside my window and when I looked it was Tony. He informed me that we had been chosen to receive our lawn care without charge this year. I asked why and he told me that his company was having a good year and that because of my service I had been chosen by Cougar Gulch for this "give back." I was flabbergasted!

It has been more years than I care to remember since I was in Vietnam. In all of those years I have never, at least in my memory, had anyone or any company say thank you much less give me something for my service. I felt truly honored! I have never even been thanked by my country.

I wish there were something I could do in return. We are on a tight budget and every penny counts. I would recommend Cougar Gulch just because of their service but even more so because of their caring and giving manner. Again, one thank you in 37+ years. I feel like a weight has been taken. I thank Cougar Gulch with all my heart."


Coeur d'Alene

“Tony Smith of COUGAR GULCH LANDSCAPING is absolutely one of the hardest working men I've known. Tony came in our new construction home and worked with me on laying out landscaping plans. Tony implemented the plans, added great suggestions, and most of all started and finished the project in a very timely manner and without delays. I can't think of a day Tony and his crew just "DIDN'T SHOW UP". Tony handled all of the subcontactors very professionally and we had no delays with them either. We could not be happier with the finished project. Tony's FIVE YEAR WARRANTY on his sprinkler system is one of the best in the business and although we have had very few issues with our system, when we did, Tony was quick to return our call and fix the problem... NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We would highly reccommend TONY SMITH and his COUGAR GULCH TEAM toimage of Winter project anyone wanting no nonesense, professional landscaping at a reasonable price without the headaches that other landscapers are well known for. TONY SMITH AND COUGAR GULCH LANDSCAPING IS NUMBER ONE IN OUR BOOK.”


“As a retired US Navy Commander I have owned and landscaped numerous houses, but have never had a more enjoyable experience then I had with Cougar Gulch. My wife and I had just built our dream house and had no idea of what we would do outside. I called Tony and he was out the next day discussing ideas and possibilities. This is where the digital imaging works great. You can see what you are doing before you do it, and believe me that is what it looks like when it is done. Tony’s imagination and technical expertise make it easy to decide and visualize where you are going. When we finally decided on our plan Tony directed and coordinated the entire operation expeditiously and effectively. My entire project was in excess of $30,000 and worth every penny of it. Tony kept me well informed and image of Lauro Projectcoordinated and supervised everything.
All I can say is if you are looking for a hard working, industrious, customer oriented expert then Tony and Cougar Gulch are your choice. You will not go wrong and your final project will look just like it did when you planned it.”

Frank Lauro

“When my wife and I were in the final stages of having our home built we went looking for someone to help us with the landscaping. The first two companies that bid the job were extremely high priced, somewhat high pressure, and did not give us the feeling that they were listening to us. What they were purposing didn’t bear much resemblance to what we had asked for. Then we invited Tony from Cougar Gulch to come out. Tony listened very carefully to our desires and presented us with a reasonable bid. We felt good about our decision to hire Tony and felt even better when we saw the completed project. We especially appreciated the fact that Tony was an integral part of the work crew each day. He didn’t simply turn the project over to some minimum wage folks and walk off. We found him and his crew to be very hard working and most enjoyable to be around. My wife had some criteria for our landscaping that was non-standard and Tony most graciously Image of Scott Projectaccommodated these requirements. On any project, even a smaller one, there are inevitable changes that occur and Tony handled them in a very professional fashion. In summary, Tony has good listening skills, is creative, hardworking, and provides excellent value. We highly recommend Tony and Cougar Gulch Landscaping.”

Dale & Jane Scott

"We built a home in Armstrong Park, which is on a hillside and a real challenge to landscape. We wanted to leave it as natural as possible. Cougar Gulch Landscaping helped us design and build a flagstone path walkway around the property that is surrounded by shrubs, trees and flowers that blend with the natural setting with a natural garden like flavor. Tony Smith worked with us on the arrangements of the various vegetations to give color and beauty to the landscape, while keeping our budget in mind. Cougar Gulch ran the irrrigation, terraced Image of Anderson project.the landscape, laid the flagstone and planted the foliage. We could not be more pleased with the end result, and would highly recommend Tony and Cougar Gulch Landscaping to anyone. We continue to see Tony from time to time when he checks in to make sure everything is growing and we are happy.”

Dennis Anderson

”This is my 3rd year of great, on time, dependable service.”

Thank You,
Dan A. Neff

”Thanks for doing a Great job. You are affordable, trustworthy, reliable, friendly, professional and very dependable too. Also have an interest in our lawn and are happy to recommend services to others.”

Ann Benjamin

”Tony, you have always done a good job.”

Wanda Kirkpatrick

”I would never use a different lawn company. Tony always accommodates my schedule and the guys do such a great job every time they do my lawn. I appreciate it all.”

Thanks guys,
Renee Peterson

”Your clean up service revealed I DID get a back yard with my new house!! Your mowing service is great, always helpful and friendly. Being helpful really means a lot!”

Sharyn Flanagan

”My lawn always looks so bad in the spring before you start, it looks hopeless, but you always make it look good.”

Thank You,
Velma McDonald

”Tony was always easy to get a hold of with any of my concerns--workers were very nice to deal with.”

Maurice Therrian

”There is nothing that sets off a rustic log cabin on the lake than a well manicured dark green lawn. Tony takes the time and makes the time to ensure our property looks ”crisp” with that ”curb-side” and ”lakeside” perfect look. Your workers are 1st class professionals. Thanks Tony.”

Patrick Murphy

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